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About Us

  • ITS plans to be the leading organization providing Recruiting, Training and Consulting services in the middle East, and to take a position as the organization of choice when companies require a strategic solutions that meet their specific indoor or outdoor requirements.

  • ITS mission is to ensure that all Recruiting, Training and Consulting services will have positive impact on the future performance of our clients’ business. Our commitment is to achieve our clients’ full prospective goals through providing integrated solutions in all business fields and take the responsibility of application, follow up and handling results.

    • To provide positive impact on individuals’ careers and business corporate goals through creative and efficient solutions.
    • To create a challenging, smart, and effective working experience within professional programs.
    • To achieve our clients’ strategic development by inspiring, energizing, motivating and stimulating their creativity and business skills.
    • To introduce a positive, respectful and comfortable strategy that encourages quick improvements.
    • To present accredited courses and consulting activities by certified professional staff in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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